I am an educator and a person that loves to create contexts where people reach their full potential. I work a lot with young people and adults that are passionate about learning. I have a Master degree in Adult Education and more then 10 years of experience in managing European programs addressing non-formal education and youth work.

I have founded ASOCIATIA CALEA NATURALA (En: The Natural Way Association), this non-profit association, because I believe that a person reach him or her full potential if he/she is in a place that brings peach and harmony for the mind, body and soul. For me, EcoVillage Firiteaz is a place where each of us find its own way and TOGETHER we build a path of DIVERSITY, HARMONY and PEACE.

I love to discover new cultures, new places, new ways to learn and to be learnt. Also I enjoy a good meal, 100% plant based.


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