I am an Agricultural Engineer on my own organic farm BIOFARMLAND and have become by need also a Food Engineer in my own organic manufacturing unit BIOFARMLAND MANUFACTURA, where we produce organic mustard paste in several varieties, mill whole meal flour from our own organic and ancient cereals, and where we mix teas from our own organic herbal tea cultivation. I LOVE MY JOB.

I have founded ASOCIATIA CALEA NATURALA (En: The Natural Way Association), this non-profit association, out of a growing dream to build a place like Auroville in India and in order to promote a LIFESTYLE in HARMONY WITH NATURE, building an ECOVILLAGE and EDUCATIONAL CENTER. You are most welcome to BE PART OF IT!

I love running ultras and hiking to the highest peaks, and because that makes me so hungry I also love cooking vegan and being with my family.

contact@ecovillagefiriteaz.ro +40 746 223 525


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