Some people consider it’s not possible to live differently in a nowadays environment. Here in Ecovillage Firiteaz you have the opportunity to experience a new lifestyle without being judged. As soon as you implement it in your being, you are ready to carry it with you and become an influencer for others.

In addition to being an educational project, Ecovillage Firiteaz is also a conscious living project. So let us Thank You for making our home your home:

1)  Thank you for being a guest in our home. Thank you for respecting and treating each other as members of a family and for helping and supporting the parents, children, elderly, and disabled that live and stay at Ecovillage Firiteaz. We are a diverse community, and we give each other the support and help there where it is needed, as volunteers: in the kitchen, washing dishes, cleaning the spaces and buildings of the Ecovillage, maintaining the toilets, etc. “Can I help with something?”

2) Thank you for eating only vegan, non-processed foods inside of Ecovillage Firiteaz.  We do not eat any processed food in the community: white pasta, white bread, white sugar, prepackaged snacks, sodas, prepackaged juices. Foods that you may bring in the community: nuts, seeds, dried fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables.  Please speak to a long-term volunteer if you have special dietary needs or restrictions.

3)  Thank you for staying the minimum amount of time that you have chosen.  That is related to the degree of involvement you choose and the length of the event. Please respect the energy invested in your welcoming and training.  The longer you stay, the better you will understand Ecovillage Firiteaz’s values and the more skilled you will become in promoting/developing them in the area where you live/work.

4)  Thank you for keeping your commitment of participating in different daily volunteer work for the optimal unfolding of the main event and of all volunteer activities of the entire community. If this commitment is fulfilled, you may come back to our community whenever you want without being conditioned again by a minimum stay (without renewing the minimum stay commitment).

5)  Thank you for not consuming alcohol, drugs, or tobacco inside or outside of Ecovillage Firiteaz during your stay here. We are working on raising our consciousness and thus on becoming aware/pursuing our own path. Many volunteers are here because they want to live in a totally drug/alcohol/tobacco/toxic food/pollution – free environment.  If you cannot support them, we will ask you to leave, no judgment, of course with the possibility of returning in the future after a few month (minimum of 6), when you are ready to experiment fully the values that we promote/apply in our daily life.

6)  Thank you for keeping Ecovillage Firiteaz clean and tidy. Especially the main area!  Please clean your waste before disposing of it, leave it in the labeled bins located in the specially designated areas. Return, after usage, all tools, materials, etc  you have borrowed/used during your stay to their normal homes. Please pick up the waste generated by your actions or that you may find scattered and take it to the designated bins.

7)  Thank you for respecting the natural rhythm of sleep. At 21:00 there is a universal meditation/ prayer (15 min). It is your choice to attend or not. We do ask you please for complete silence during those moments. At 22:00 is the start for night quite time until 5:00 when the daily individual and/or group schedule begins.

8)  Thank you for speaking English/Romanian inside the main hut and kitchen. This helps to create an atmosphere of openness and unity, where everyone is welcome to join all conversations.  Talk with children in any language but remember to include your neighbor.

9)  Thank you for not playing any competitive or war games in Ecovillage Firiteaz. We are a peaceful community of cooperation and non-violence, not of winners and losers.

10)  Thank you for dressing in a way that is sensitive to the local culture.  While inside Ecovillage Firiteaz, please keep in mind that we have volunteers and visitors from a variety of backgrounds and would like to make all of them feel comfortable. On some days/periods, we host visitors from outside the projects and the surrounding areas, so please dress respectfully.

11)  Thank you for avoiding leaving valuable things in your hut.  Please trust our experience and do not leave anything valuable in the hut where you are staying. We want to offer no reason to thieves to explore our community. Keep foreign currency and passports safe.

12)  Thank you for not using anything that may catch fire in Ecovillage Firiteaz. This includes incense, candles, and mosquito coils.  Our structures and trees can catch fire easily.

13)  Thank you for using only natural, biodegradable toiletries. Ecovillage Firiteaz will provide you with body and laundry soap whenever you need it, free of charge.

14)  Thank you for treating our animals kindly.  You may play with the dogs outdoors.  If you find one inside the main hut, kitchen, or any other building, please gently convince it to leave.

15)  (FAMILIES ONLY): Thank you for supervising your children in the kitchen, particularly around knives and fire. And thank you for cleaning your hut before you check out.

16)  Finally, thank you for keeping the community and its purpose in mind.  This space has been created both to grow and develop a natural environment and also to grow people!  We hope to become kinder, happier, more peaceful, more compassionate, and more loving individuals through our service to the environment and through mindful interaction with everyone we meet.  Consider the effect of everything you do and say on the well-being of other permanent residents, volunteers, guests, locals, animals, the environment, and of the project itself.

Welcome to Ecovillage Firiteaz and hope your stay will be useful to you.



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