“Asociatia Calea Naturala” (English: The Natural Way Association) was founded on the DREAM of the founding members to build an ecological village where every human being can live in complete harmony with themselves and with the surrounding nature. In the realization of the DREAM was born the idea of Ecovillage Firiteaz, the first ecological village in Romania.

For this we strongly believe in and follow our objectives:

  • Creating a modern educational environment for personal and professional development, adapted to society needs
  • Creating an environment in which competences according to the purpose of the Association can be developed and implemented
  • Creating a natural environment for physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual development and balance, in which youngsters have a lead role
  • Empowering youngsters to become active promoters of the purpose, values and objectives of the Association
  • Supporting an environment that combines harmoniously moral and ethical values with technology evolution
  • Creating a self-sustainable community from all aspects: economical, ecological, social and cultural
  • Developing programs through which the harmonious connection between man and his surrounding environment can be increased
  • Developing educational (formal or informal) programs for children, youngsters as well as for adults, through which sustainable development in harmony with nature can be promoted
  • Developing and/or supporting recycling and any type of waste management systems and the usage of renewable energy


  • Creating and promoting methods that develop a natural state of health (harmonious physical body – energetic vitality and vigor, balanced emotional state – calm mind “clarity, concentration, mental force”.
  • Promoting and practicing a healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature
  • Promoting scientifically research of nonpolluting technologies, renewable energy sources and organic agriculture
  • Promoting and supporting a vision of development based on implementing a sustainable economy
  • Promoting cross-sectorial innovation in the educational, scientific, technological, ecological areas for protecting the surrounding environment
  • Promoting relations based on harmony and universal brotherhood without distinction between race, faith, religion, nationality, sex, opinion, etc.
  • Promoting the benefits of living in harmony with the inner and outer nature



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