The former 2% becomes 3.5% this year and, more news, you can now tick in the 230 form to redirect 3.5% of your annual income tax over a period of 2 years, instead of one.

This helps you not to go through the whole procedure next year and it helps us to have longer term predictability and manage our projects at Ecovillage Firiteaz better.

You can support us yourself and also convince your relatives, friends and colleagues to join our cause. Gather as many completed forms as possible and send them to Ecovillage Firiteaz headquarters. Together we can change mentalities!

Why you should redirect 3.5% of your income tax
  • There is no extra cost for you. All you have to do is print the form, fill it, and drop it to your local ANAF center
  • You can choose to support a social cause with an amount of money that would otherwise get to the state budget
  • Your contribution can make a difference
Who can redirect 3.5%?

Any individual who is employed can redirect 3.5% of their annual income tax.

Individuals with liberal professions or other income can redirect by completing the Single Declaration through the Virtual Private Space (SPV). In this case, please fill the following data in section I.6: I.6.1.B) Support with 3.5%:

Name: Asociatia Calea Naturala
Identification code: 39825640
Bank Account: RO50BACX0000001705538001

What we do with your contribution

By directing 3.5% of the annual income tax to Asociatia Calea Naturala, you support Ecovillage Firiteaz activities:

  • Afforestation in Firiteaz
  • Healthy life and zero waste lifestyle education
  • Eco housing building
  • Skill empowerment workshops
Steps to submit Form 230 personally

1. Fill in the form with your identification data
2. Check box if you want to redirect for 2 years
3. Sign the form in the “Signature of the taxpayer”
4. Submit the form yourself or send it by registered letter to the Public Finance Department in the city where you have your permanent residence

Do you need us to submit Form 230 for you?

CALL US: 0746223525


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