Many of the problems of the modern people come from using less and less of their capacities.

Industrialization took the pleasure of people to do things with their hands and to participate in the whole process and see the purpose of their work, making them detach from it and not find their purpose and fulfillment anymore. From this to anxiety, unhappiness, depression or degenerative diseases is just a step.

One paradox of the modern world is that many of the work spaces are still designed and developed on competition principles which became a habit that the modern people also replicate in society, on the street, at sports events or in their family.

Another paradox is that, just when you can learn anything online, people have no time anymore. Or are sick of staying in front of a computer the whole day to do this at home as well. But also too busy to get out and take some classes.

Gaining skills by practice

Best way of learning, for any being, is by experience. It is valid for our visitors, it is valid for ourselves. That is why, everything that we pass on, we first learn from others and put into practice within the framework of our ecovillage.

We provide you the perfect classes: the school of life. Communication, problem-solving, team work, adaptability, stress-management, creativity, empathy, foreign languages are few of what individuals, families and groups can practice here, by taking part in activities in many areas:

  • Building: natural material bricks and structures (clay, straw, adobe, wood, stone), living roofs, shepherd beds, tent structures, clay oven
  • Landscaping: fences, alleys, flower, trees
  • Gardening: permaculture, organic farming, organic vegetables
  • Cottage industry: wicker object making, sewing, pottery
  • Food preparation: whole bread, vegan and raw vegan meals

Feel free to choose as many as you like! We love team work, like new challenges and meeting new people and have a lot do in building this place!



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