Nowadays building has become a sophisticated process using highly processed materials that are part of a huge global industry. At the other end, natural buildings are built to express the local landscape and local traditions and generally harmonize with the environment and feel a part of it. The techniques are many and we love researching, learning and applying the best solutions for our given situations.

Building homes and other structures that are healthy for humans and for the planet is an essential part of sustainability. At Ecovillage Firiteaz we strive towards these ideals as we try to build homes that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lived. Our idea is to construct shelter that minimizes negative ecological impact, relying on non-industrial, minimally processed, locally available, and renewable, recycled or recovered materials, while leaving room for farming and wilderness on the bulk of our land.

We also aim to integrate electricity production, water catchment, passive heating and cooling, and alternative waste-treatment.

Building Materials

We use local materials with long life span, that get more beautiful with the time.

  • Straw and natural clay (for buildings)
  • Wood, new and recovered (for shepherd beds, structures, benches and furniture)
  • Canvas (for tents)
  • Willow (for arbors, arches, fences and decorations)


We are decided to combine natural, local and sustainable materials, with best techniques and sustainable design practices in order to integrate the buildings into the environment.

Still to be built, our ecovillage is a playful mixed design of straw bales buildings, straw and clay brick houses, tree houses, canvas tents and vegetal structures. And this is only the beginning of the dream!


We are starting in 2020 with our first building projects on the land:

  • administrative and sanitary group building
  • first accommodation units (tents and wood shepherd huts)
  • a clay oven for bread
  • start hand making cob bricks for future buildings


The Ecovillage Firiteaz team has the honor to work with renowned architect Prof. Dr. Gernot Minke, also known as the father of green building. After first meeting him in 2018 in Cluj and introducing our dream to him, he was willing to visit us at Firiteaz in the same year and sketch together the future of our ecovillage.


Under his coordination, two of our main buildings will be built:

– the Center Hall (conference room, activities and workshop space) and

– one office and reception building.


The construction of the houses will begin in 2021, through three workshops to which you will be able to sign up in our Event section when announced:

Workshop 1: “Making a Hogan roof”

Workshop 2: “Construction with straw and yellow ground”

Workshop 3: “Making green roofs”


These workshops will be facilitated by the well-known professor and engineer in ecological construction Gernot Minke.


In the near future we will announce more workshops in which you can learn to build ecological homes. Subscribe to our newsletter for real time news.



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