The world how we know it is a result of people alienating from themselves, from others and from nature for decades.

We believe in the increasing involvement of organizations (nonprofit, governmental or businesses), networks, movements, associations, academic institutions and professionals with similar values and aspirations in creating a new individual and group consciousness.

There is no such thing as a too little too late help. Regardless of the size, everyone plays a key role in making our vision of the tomorrow’s world come true. Working together each day of our journey, we can accomplish what was thought of as impossible, and amplify our impacts on the world!

We build the DREAM together with:


Family project started in 2004, when our family moved from Switzerland to Firiteaz, Biofarmland has been the first brick put to this bio community. Following a business model based on a holistic, integrated approach of people and nature, Biofarmland promotes organic farming, healthy food, and encourages the creation of a direct link between buyer and manufacturer, from field to stores, and to the final consumer.


In addition to the production of bio ancient cereals, the cultivation and manufacture of spices and mustard represents an important branch of the company. All activities are carried out by involving the locals and family members, and the bio manufactured products are mainly marketed in Romania.


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The list is open. We would like to cooperate with partners from different sectors and areas.

We are looking for people and organizations who share the same dream of a nature connected humanity but who are ready to take action and responsibility on their own ideas and actions.

Financial sponsorship, skills sponsorship, in-kind donations, socially responsible products and services, group mobilization and research partnerships are just some of the ways in which we can get involved and work together for a better world.



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